A Small Guest Bath with Large Style

Welcome Back

This project in Longboat Key’s Queens Harbour is a small guest bath. The client wanted something a little bit different, something a lot more contemporary. We had worked in this house a few years ago with the previous owners, so we were excited to have the opportunity to come back and elevate the design.

From an Inspiration Photo

The new owners had seen an inspiration photo on our website of a contemporary master bathroom that we did a couple of years ago on Siesta Drive and fell in love with it. We were able to take that style and customize the design to cater it to their space and their design aesthetic.

Taking a walnut cabinet, we did a floating vanity. We added the marble-look tile around the room, behind the vanity, and all the way into the shower. What was unique was the three-dimensional tile. This added a little bit of extra texture to the space. Then to keep it from feeling too cold, we brought in a different muted color for the walls for a nice pop of color to tone it down a bit and give it an almost spa-like feel.

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Natural Light

You’ll notice there is some natural light coming into this space. That’s because there’s a window that’s up high, and we were able to use that and design that into the space. The tile doesn’t go all the way up the wall because there’s a shelf where the window is.

This brings an exciting element to the aesthetic of the space by bringing in that natural light element. Another cool element to the space is that we added a semi-recessed mirror that doubles as a medicine cabinet that’s lit. Since it’s such a small space, having that extra little bit of storage is key, especially doing a floating vanity.

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