Midnight Blue Sets on Lakewood Ranch Remodel

New Design for Lakewood Ranch Home

Lakewood Ranch homes are always exciting to work in. They reside in a more luxurious part of Sarasota and Bradenton, so it’s thrilling to take these outdated interiors and upgrade them into a luxurious design to match the aura of the area. This home in particular sits in the middle of Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club just a few streets down from a home we remodeled that’s a prime example of what an upgrade into modern luxury can look like (and it’s currently featured in Home & Design). The design for this Lakewood Ranch remodel wasn’t quite as extensive, but it still shows you what can happen with the right design-build team. In this 5,590-square foot home built in 2006, we updated the kitchen, master bath, foyer, and laundry room.

Opening Up the Open Floor Plan

This home already had an open floor plan (as seen in the before photo above), but we opened it up even more. For example, when you first walked into the home, you passed two concrete columns that reflected the existing Mediterranean and Spanish style of the home and entered the dining room (we ended up boxing out and enclosing these round columns). Also, the dining room sat in a corner beside a wall that separated you from the kitchen. What we did was remove this wall to not only open the area but enlarge the kitchen as well.

Glossy Kitchen Design

Solid wood cabinets in a triangular kitchen layout became Cabico Custom Cabinetry in an open kitchen layout. The kitchen lowers, hood, coffee bar shelves have a hollow white finish. The kitchen tall cabinets, uppers, and pantry have a walnut grove textured faux wood finish as shown below.

[bafg id=”21128″]

The countertop is quartz with Statuario, a flow of veins across a white snow background. The backsplash is a glossy ceramic tile. The new range remained roughly in the same location.

Now the dining room area was completely reconfigured, especially when it came to the ceiling. With the removal of the wall separating the dining room from the kitchen, that meant we had to create a new ceiling line that would transition between the two spaces. We built a new border wall in the dining room and for the back of the new pantry that ended up being a wall for the new laundry room too. The final touch to the new dining room was the new illuminated drop ceiling feature.

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Hexagons in the Laundry Room

As we just mentioned, the laundry room was located behind the kitchen. This is a brand-new location for the laundry room, which also serves as the entrance from the garage. To transform this space into the laundry room, we raised the concrete floor, build an alcove for a refrigerator, and added a hanging clothes rod.

The dark blue cabinets here are Medallion Cabinets with a natural woodgrain interior finish. The countertops are a luxurious white marble-look quartz. The really cool feature here are the metal blue and white hexagon mosaic tiles.

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Feeling Blue in the Master Bath

The dark blue also carries over into the master bathroom. We removed the solid wood cabinets, tub, glass block shower wall, and massive mirrors in favor of a contemporary design. The change resulted in Cabico cabinets with Greenwich textured faux wood, squaring off the arched ceilings above the vanities, the same luxurious white marble-look quartz as in the laundry room, and a completely revamped shower.

[bafg id=”21138″]

The skinny, dark shower became a new steam shower with his and her showerheads, a new dropped ceiling, a custom shower bench, and three-level niche. The walls and floor are an oversized subway tile colored ecru, which is a sort of grayish yellow like old ivory, and the ceiling and shower bench are beige wood-like porcelain tiles.

Bringing the luxury upgrade together is the new Naturally Aged Wood Flooring that replaced an outdated tile that might have worked back in 2006, but not today. With these upgrades, we completed another successful remodel in Lakewood Ranch.

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