Laurel Oak Country Club Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen is a bi-colored Elmwood kitchen using Elmwood’s new 3D textured faux melamines as well as their high-gloss white diamond-gloss paint on the flat-face cabinets throughout the area. This kitchen has all of your bells and whistles from your dividers above the oven, your roll-out shelves and pantries, and drawer systems underneath the oven.

On one side of the counter, there’s a wine cooler. We had a frame made by Elmwood to match the cabinetry on the wine cooler to give it an integrated appearance. We also used a Sub-Zero integrated refrigerator. The countertops in this kitchen are a combination of a brown silk quartzite, which you can see on the island and the cooktop areas, and a manmade quartz that we utilized for the seating area.

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Before the remodel, there were large, open cavities above the existing refrigerator that matched the arches throughout the home. We removed these arches to modernize the space.

On this eating area, we used a manmade quartz product. We had the countertop doubled over to give the illusion of a much thicker, more substantial piece rather than the typical three-centimeter top you usually see in kitchens. The island design was actually a difficult design due to the odd angles of the kitchen. The island turned out in the shape of a baseball diamond.