River Strand Golf & Country Club Kitchen Remodel

White never disappoints when giving a kitchen a timeless look. These elegant kitchens, including everything from white cabinets to sparkling white countertops, are sure to give anyone the inspiration they’re looking for if they’re looking for a luxurious design for their kitchen. Despite darker colors trending in recent years, the simple white is still going strong. That’s the direction the homeowners of this condo in Bradenton’s River Strand Golf & Country Club decided to go. Needless to say, the result is a perfect example of how white looks timeless, elegant, and stylish all at once. 

When we first walked into this condo, all we saw was the living room with a blank wall behind the TV. The kitchen hid behind the wall, and it was understandable why the homeowners wished to update it. With the wall in place, the kitchen was small and dark with cherry wood cabinets and outdated granite countertops. It was definitely time for a change, and that’s where everything white came in.

The cabinets became custom cabinets with a Chantilly White finish. The countertops became a white quartz called Lincoln with thin, barely visible brown veining. Not exactly white, the backsplash is now a neutral, almost sandy color in a mosaic pattern. The slight color in an otherwise white kitchen adds a quiet sophistication to the space.

The removal of the diving wall between the kitchen and the living room meant the appliances along the wall like the refrigerator, oven, and microwave needed to be moved. All cabinetry and appliances moved to the back wall or on the inside of the island.

We also extended the cabinetry into the breakfast nook for some desk and storage space. Three pendant lights cast reflective light across the ceiling and countertop, adding to the look of elegance.