Saddle Oak Estates Kitchen Remodel

Notice throughout the kitchen, we did a simple design here, utilizing two colors in this kitchen. We have the hand-painted, hand-glazed cabinets above, which is the natural walnut with a new finish called the Velvet Series finish. It’s a top coat that actually feels very subtle and soft. It does not feel like wood like most top coats that you have on wood.

You’ll also notice the natural beauty of the granite. We did not use a lower-level granite but more of an exotic level granite called Istanbul. That, coupled with the glass backsplash and stainless steel appliances, gives this kitchen a lot of unique characteristics. We wanted to keep a lot of consistency between the kitchen, the beverage center, and the bar center. We didn’t want it to look like we were overdoing or overdesigning this space, so we wanted to keep the finishes the same to keep the consistency throughout the living space of the home.

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In this kitchen, we used some subtle pieces like the hardware to give a touch of modern while still going with the older look of the oil bronze for the lights to try to tie both lights together. It was a great success, exactly what the client was looking for.