Bee Ridge Kitchen Remodel

Driving by this home in Sarasota’s Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club, you wouldn’t guess the stunning transformation you’d see inside if you walked through the front door. We’re super excited to open the doors to you of what’s now our latest full home remodel. From the kitchen to the master to the guest wing, we’re really happy about the final result.

Starting in the main area of the home, there used to be a huge wall separating the great room and the kitchen. Well, that wall’s gone now, opening up the kitchen into the great room. The two-toned kitchen has a different-colored island and woods that accentuate the wood-look stone composite flooring. The stone composite is just another step up from luxury vinyl as it uses limestone. It just adds to its strength and durability. We ran the quartz countertops right up the back of the wall for the backsplash beneath the Medallion Cabinets

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If you look at some of the before pictures, you’ll notice the pink floral wallpaper throughout the home. Thankfully, that’s all gone. We decided to paint a nice off-white, almost gray for the walls in the main space. It really expands the look and makes the area feel great and large. We’re looking forward to seeing the furniture in here!

In the master, we changed how you enter the space, but we didn’t change the size. We have this nice master bedroom with plenty of space for a TV, dressers, a king bed, and nightstands. We love how this came out. We took the wall color form the main space and picked a darker version in here to add some warmth and drama.

There’s a huge difference in the master bath. The clients love how the colors go together in here. We’re using the same color-toned cabinets in here that we used in the kitchen. We brought them in here to add some warmth to the space since we used some lighter tiles on the floor and walls. There’s definitely a soothing spa feel in here. We also added some cool elements in here like the waterfall on the end of the sink bases and the waterfall in the shower area, which doubles as a ledge for your products like your razor or shampoo.

In the guest bath, we used a similar tile that’s in the master bath. We just changed the color and the direction of the pattern. This adds a connection to the space throughout, giving the entire home a cohesive look.

We hope you like the remodel just as much as we do! A big shout out to Jerry Schanz and the crew for their great work. The homeowners absolutely love how their home turned out. My question for you now is… is your home next?