Why Now is the Best Time to Remodel

Now is the Time

This question comes up a lot, more than you’d think. Well, why not remodel now? If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely been thinking about remodeling for a while now. You just want to change up your space, maybe freshen up with paint colors or redo your kitchen or bathroom. Well, now is as good a time as any and the best time to remodel.

Accommodating Your Schedule

If you have specific time frames that you’re looking into, definitely give us a call. Let’s have that conversation because that determines when we should start your project, how long we think it will take, and the size of your project. These are all great questions to be asking so that we can help accommodate those timelines. Let’s talk about that and get that into motion.

White cabinets in kitchen



The earlier you start the better because then you have more time to think about it, to think about the design. If you’re someone who likes to have the time to think about how that final design is going to look, the earlier you start the better so that you don’t feel rushed on your decisions. Then you can really take the time that you feel you need to really make that renovation or project your own.

Remodel vs. Renovate: What’s the Difference?

Increase Value

One reason you may want to remodel now is for personal taste or comfort, to fix an issue like the electrical wiring, or simply to improve the efficiency and functionality of your home.

Kitchen with white cabinets and hanging lights

But the #1 reason to remodel your home is to increase your home’s value. The areas of your home that will increase your home’s value and provide you with the greatest return on investment (ROI) are kitchens, home offices, and outdoor spaces.

The cabinetry making up the kitchen island are the same Cabico cabinets but with a cherry chocolate finish. You’ll find pull outs, spice pull outs, double trash drawers, touch latch hardware, and custom panels here. The kitchen is dotted with brushed stain nickel hardware.

Soothing Finishes

The wine cabinet is Elmwood Custom Cabinetry in a coffee finish. The countertops throughout are a natural stone quartz called Calacatta Lavasa. It features a breathtaking warm white background with short brown veins intermingled with long diagonal veins for a modern look. The full-height backsplash is also made up of the same Calacatta Lavasa quartz.

The upper cabinets were installed with seedy glass. Lastly, we reconfigured the framework of the peninsula, taking it from a 42-inch height to countertop level at 36 inches.

Even though homeowners are going all out when it comes to color, it’s still refreshing to see white take center stage in a new kitchen. White will always remain a classic kitchen color.

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