Unusual Fireplace Piece Helps Reimagine Sarasota Home

A “Half Home” Remodel

This whole home remodel in South Sarasota is really more like a “half home” remodel as we remodeled just the main floor. The homeowners lived upstairs, which we left untouched, during the project.

Throughout this Sarasota home, we replaced the floors with a beautiful wood plank tile. The entryway living area originally had a couple of built-ins very similar to what we ended up designing, but the quality was much different. The original built-ins were a kind of wood frame with plywood, so we updated them with new cabinetry and lighting all the way around. We call it the piano bar.

We also have an actual bar. It’s a small bar, but we updated this too, gutted the whole space, and rebuilt all the cabinetry. All new tile lighting and countertops went in here as well.

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Working with the Client

We worked really well with the client on this project. They knew what they wanted and had great taste. They personally picked out the lighting and a lot of what you see. In the dining area, we did a banquette. We added lower cabinets, put a top on, and now the homeowners can actually sit all the way around the dining room table.

An Odd Accent Piece

When we first saw the Sarasota home, we noticed the client had an odd accent piece directly mounted to the family room wall. The piece didn’t go with the home at all, so it must have come from somewhere else. The homeowner was actually just looking for something for the wall. We decided to take that piece and make something out of it. We built the whole piece out to look like a real fireplace.

Down inside of it is an electric fireplace. It’s just vapor. There’s no flame. No heat comes off it. We bricked the inside and rubbed that with real charcoal to give it the effect of soot. We did all the tile work, all the split-faced stone, and we also added the cabinetry.

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Master Redesign

In the master bath, we completely redesigned this. The old shower had a half wall. We pushed it out, built a closet, installed a free-standing tub, and added backsplash that really highlights everything.

It’s just amazing how everything came together in this Sarasota home.

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