Upgraded Outdoor Kitchen Will Complete the Outdoor Living Experience

Modern Outdoor Upgrade

A private pool with an artificial rock waterfall and a spacious backyard with a backyard play center need only one more feature for the completed outdoor living experience: a modern outdoor kitchen. This home in Sarasota’s Senoa Golf Club is finally getting an upgrade to its existing outdoor kitchen with a much more modern style. Following the help of our weatherproof cabinetry line, we’ll be extending this outdoor kitchen, complete with the latest and greatest appliances.

Graphite & Stone

Naturekast is the go-to cabinetry line for outdoor kitchens. As a result, this outdoor kitchen will be getting these outdoor weatherproof cabinets in a Weathered Graphite finish, which is brown in color. Matching the brown cabinetry will be a split face ledger stone called Tuscany Scabas Stacked Stone to be installed on the wall above the hood and also wrapped around the high bar wall on all sides. Tuscany Scabas Stacked Stone panels feature soft creams and orange tones. These natural travertine panels are perfect for accent walls and backsplashes throughout the home.

In between the two shades of brown will be a lighter color in the form of the countertops and backsplash. This Snowfall granite is a pristine, snowy white granite mixed with ebony and charcoal. In fact, this granite will slide up from the countertop and into the backsplash that will fully cover the wall up to the bottom of the hood. The same materials will be in the extension on the other side of the window, as you can see in the rough drawing of the design below.

The Appliances

Regarding the high bar, we’re tearing this down to build a completely new one. Specifically, we’ll be removing the concrete walls that acted as the countertop support, as well as the glass block.

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Lastly are, of course, the appliances. In the main part of the outdoor kitchen where the high bar is will be a Green Egg grill and cabinet, ice maker, 30-inch Heston gas grill, undermount sink, and under counter refrigerator. In the outside extension will be a low burner cabinet, a vent cabinet for the gas regulator, and a kegerator to complete the perfect outdoor living experience.

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