The Cabex Kitchen and Bath Showroom

What better way to find the inspiration you need for your remodel than by visiting a kitchen and bath showroom that will give you the perfect visualization of what your new space could look like. Cabex’s 3,000-square foot showroom (possibly the largest in Sarasota) is the perfect place to begin your remodeling process.

On display are various design styles from traditional to contemporary to transitional and fun features like under-lit countertops, push-to-open cabinets, and cabinets with a soft, velvety feel. Our cabinet lines like Elmwood and Medallion come together to create the best kitchen and bath vignettes for you to see and touch before deciding on the best look for your home. Take a tour with us through our magnificent showroom before visiting us in person.

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Traditional Kitchen

When you walk through our kitchen and bath showroom doors, the first display you see is our traditional kitchen. You’ll see here a hand-finished, hand-glazed, white-painted cabinet. We didn’t want it to be super bright in here, so we toned it down and used a subtle off-white tone. We also used a cocoa paint interior on our open cabinets and glass cabinets to give a two-tone finish and dimensional property on the cabinets themselves. This cabinet display, you’ll notice a polished stainless steel and painted hood manufactured by Elmwood. It’s very rare to have a cabinet manufacturer that would get into this level of detail, especially with the metals as well.

Also in this display, you’ll notice a few different types of cabinets. One is the inset cabinetry, shown on the walnut island. Inset means the drawer fronts and door fronts are inside the framing of the cabinetry instead of outside, overlapping the framing. Another option in cabinet manufacturing is a frameless cabinet, which you’ll see beside the hood. A frameless cabinet does not utilize a frame and the door on this one, which would be considered a full overlay door, is the full width of the cabinet, not allowing you to see any of the cabinet surface when the doors are closed.

Working Bathroom

In our functional bathroom, we used a black wall and a very dark floor in what would consider a very small room. You can have dark colors in a small space and not feel enclosed. In a matter of fact, dark colors can help make a small space feel a bigger. We also have here a black-painted glass door cabinet, giving us the ability to create a large amount of storage in a small amount of space without sacrificing quality and design in a small room.

The illuminated countertop and under lighting on the cabinet can be used for a variety of reasons, mainly a soft subtle light within the room itself, which can be a great feature in a master bathroom or even a guest bathroom in the sense that you’re not walking in in the middle of the night, turning a light on and blinding yourself as you walk into the room.

Very in today is the floating cabinet where you have more and more people asking for these newer modern concepts and the vanities such as the floating cabinets. This manufacturer has an array of vanity wall-mounted cabinets. They are designed and engineered to be wall-mounted, as well as carry the weight of a countertop. We used the oblique veneer on this, which has a very subtle movement and very crisp clean lines using the channel cabinets as well.

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Outdoor Kitchen

We have an outdoor cabinet line called NatureKast. They’re complete weatherproof cabinets from a waterproof drawer system and interior components to the exterior doors. It’s a remarkable product and regarding the doors themselves, there are no wood pieces to rot within this cabinetry so it will last a lifetime outside.

In the exterior elements, the best part about working with NatureKast is their array of choices that they have. Unlike most outdoor cabinet line manufacturers, they have many amenities like your interior kitchens would have such as trash cabinets. They also have things that your interior kitchens will not have such as cooler cabinets, smoking egg grill cabinets, or cabinets specifically designed to house the larger grills on the market today.

Walnut Velvet Kitchen

The Elmwood cabinets in this part of our kitchen and bath showroom are a combination of a painted recessed or polished stainless steel along with brushed stainless drawer fronts. This is a natural walnut with a velvet finish. You’ll see a level of detail in this hood that you will not find in most manufacturers. Through each piece made on this hood, the grain matching goes all the way through. That is something that is very hard to pull off, and most cabinet manufacturers will not go to that extent to offer something like this in their product line.

We used a natural walnut finish with a velvet topcoat. It’s very soft and subtle to the touch. On the countertop on this display, we used a natural product known as quartzite. This particular quartzite is known as white oblivion. It appears as if smoke is coming out of the fissures and the stone itself.

Working Kitchen

In this kitchen consisting of Medallion Cabinetry, a little bit different than the standard shaker style. On display here is the Stockholm series door style, which has become really popular. It’s really neat because it has a little bit more of embellishment. The style can go either modern or a little more transitional.

Features here include countertops that are done in a leathered finish so that they have a matte finish. It has a little bit of texture, which is really interesting. We’re also showcasing a workstation here with the sink, which has multiple uses for when you’re cooking and love entertaining.

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Wine Wall

For this wine display, we wanted to capture a few things at Elmwood that this manufacturer had in their cabinet line, one of which was their array of natural woods. Elmwood has a large selection of natural woods for a cabinet line. The rosewood here on the outside creates a border to keep this vignette all to itself. It’s a very interesting concept and design.

What we’ve done on the countertop and backdrop was incorporate some textures, so we utilized a split phase quartzite on the exterior back wall and a white high-gloss marble on the countertop itself. The lighting on this really makes the backdrop pop and sparkle within this display. Very popular today are bars and wine areas within your larger more custom homes, even in a small area such as what you’re seeing here. You can make a very large visual impact if done right with the right colors and styles even in a small space.

Non-Working Bathroom

This is a gorgeous traditional Medallion Cabinetry vignette in our kitchen and bath showroom. We incorporated beautiful backsplash on the back of this display, some very traditional glass globe lights, and a black quartz countertop. In the shower, we incorporated the same tile that we used in the backsplash into the niche. There is also a shower seat, which most people are using these days when we’re trying to design for aging in place.

Another great feature is the linear drain. There are a lot of different options of linear drains. This one in particular allows us to bring out the chrome accents, taking it from the plumbing fixture idea and putting tile on top. There are also several different ways that you can do grates as well. This one is a great way that you can utilize and feature linear drains that a lot of people are putting into these modern designs these days.

Contemporary Kitchen

In our contemporary kitchen display, we have three different upper cabinets that show you three different options on lift-ups. Two are both tap-ons but do it in completely different manners because it depends on what your need of the kitchen is as well as what you’re going to want to do with these. In addition to this, we have this great corner unit. A lot of people use blind corners for lazy Susan’s that spin around and have things fall off the back, but this is a great change to that because it’s pie-shaped and allows you to put everything in there and nothing falls off the back.

This vignette also showcases a great pantry with a diamond gloss on it. It was real wood, and then we added the gloss on top of it. It’s great for storage, and we used this wood like for the custom-built wine area as well to tie the whole space together.

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