Fascination at Lakewood Ranch Kitchen Remodel

A Fascinating Kitchen

This Lakewood Ranch kitchen is a Cabex favorite because of the unique countertop. It’s a granite with colors of beige, light green, and gold in a pattern called Fascination. There’s just so much movement to it, which isn’t all that common in countertops. This kitchen is definitely one of a kind. With a new island, walls removed, and new tile work, it looks completely different than it did before the remodel began.

There originally used to be a wall sticking out into the kitchen, putting it into a corner that trailed over into a small countertop with bar stools. We took this wall and countertop area out to open up the kitchen into the living room.

That countertop space in the Lakewood Ranch kitchen that we removed became part of a larger island that has the Fascination countertop. Seagrass Medallion Cabinets make up the island base. The white upper cabinets along the walls were replaced with Medallion Cabinetry in a wood-tone finish called Harvest Brown.

Floored with Perfection

We also installed new flooring throughout the home. The homeowner told us, “We spent days locating tiles that matched the overall floor. The story is we bought the tiles beforehand and your tile guy was laying in the tiles and stopped and said the tiles that I got were a little bit too dark, and I’m gonna see the pattern and I’m not gonna like it. His insistence on perfection was really appreciated.”

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In reply to that, CEO Joe Menna says, “When we get into our jobs and do even the basic kitchen, we’re capable of doing everything and anything. We want to finish each project with a great product in the end. We’re never going to put time before quality. That is the bottom line because we want to give you the best expectation and the best overall experience.”

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