Under-Stair Wine Vault Illuminates Sarasota Home

Something Missing

Something seemed missing in this two-year-old home in the Indian Beach-Sapphire Shores district. The architectural new build was built with the modern homebuyer in mind with sustainable materials, smart technology, and a minimalist design. Despite the conscious craftsmanship of the contemporary styles of today, the homeowners still felt something was missing. What was missing was an element beneath the two-tier staircase. The modern home opens up from the entryway right into the living room, but the area beneath the first landing in the staircase proved to be somewhat of a wasted space since the homeowners and guests usually walked around it rather than beneath it. That’s when the homeowners realized something needed to be built in this wasted space. As wine enthusiasts, the homeowners thought what better feature to add than an under-stair glass wine vault?

Newly-Designed Wine Vault

In keeping with the emphasis on clean, simple lines found throughout the home, we designed and built a wine vault that fit snugly beneath the staircase landing. The homeowner told us that those who have seen it have been surprised that the wine vault wasn’t included in the home’s original plans.

Designing From Basic to Unforgettable

We installed panels beneath the landing in a black finish that matched the four 20-bottle single-sided wine racks. Illuminated strips in cool white glow around the frameless glass enclosure, which is an ultra-clear glass. With a sleek, modern glass wine vault to showcase their wine bottles, these wine lovers couldn’t be more ecstatic to finally have the missing piece of the home design.

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